Google Ads

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Google Ads Services for

more traffic & conversions

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Goal Focused Google Ads Services

Our Google Ads services help you acquire new customers fast. Google Ads is the process of advertising your business through search engines. When people search for a product or service like yours on Google, we will help your business appear at the top.

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Our Google Ads Services helps your business grow in two unique ways

Generate high-quality traffic and increase conversions:

Fuel your website with high-quality traffic and watch your conversions explode. There are over 3 billion searches every day. These searches are full of people looking for answers and solutions to their problems. A percentage of these searches are problems that your business solves. Through the use of ppc management services, you can pull new customers to your business immediately.

Get results instantly:

Paid search ads will drive traffic to your website instantly once setup. Unlike organic search listings, you will be on the front page of Google instantly. However, you pay per click on your search ads. It is important to make sure you are paying for clicks that convert into conversions. In addition, it is even more important that your cost per conversion is not higher than the value of your customers.

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Google Ads Services

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Google Search Ads

Use the Google Search Network to place ads on the search engine results pages (SERP). When your audience searches for businesses like yours, your ads will appear to direct traffic to your website.

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Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are banner ads used to stay in front of your recent website visitors to increase conversions. The more times people see your brand, the more likely they are to buy.

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Google Shopping Services

Google Shopping Ads are used by eCommerce businesses that are selling products online. These ads appear in the search engine results, and typically drives traffic to your website at lower costs.

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Our Google Ads Process

#1: Assign a Dedicated Social Media Manager to Your Account

We will assign an experienced search engine advertising specialist to manage your ad campaign. This person will be trained in Google Search Ads and highly experienced in running successful campaigns. We will first learn your business and then create a strategy that works for you.

#2:  Identify Keyword Opportunities for Your Business

Spend money on the most cost-effective keywords. We will do thorough research to find opportunities for your business. Keywords are the search terms that people type into search networks when looking for something they are interested in. We research thousands of keywords and measure search traffic, competition, and costs associated to select the best keywords for your advertising campaign.

#3:  Analyze Competition

Keep an eye on your competitors. We will closely evaluate what your competitors are doing in the search engines. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in their advertising efforts, we will be able to develop a smarter approach for your campaign.

#4:  Ad Creation

Develop effective search engine ads. For every ad, we write the headline, copy, and target the ads at specific keywords. We will also A/B split test the ads to identify high-performing ads.

#5:  Monitor Your Ads and Optimize

Identify low-performing areas of your ad campaigns fast. We will keep an eye on your campaign daily. If results begin to decline, we will detect it immediately and pause low-performing ads. In addition, we can launch new ads to keep the results coming in.

#6:  Reporting and Communication

Know how your paid search advertisements are performing. Your ad specialist will prepare monthly reporting for you to review. In addition, we will install conversion tracking on your advertisements. This will report the amount of conversions we are generating with our ppc management services.

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